This Thunderbird was
given to me by Dirty Dan,
a Brother I miss.. alot

Lost him just 4 months
before this, but this
Thunderbird will ride
with me always.
   This butterfly
(above the T-bird)
  is there for my
the morning of our victory ride to the Easter Run in Axtell ... also - my birthday
Incidentally....highway 190 tastes like sh*#   : )

Ride On !   ~Suds
Drawn by my nephew Bo, color designed
by my brother Greg, the paint custom mixed
by my sister Mitsi & my little brother Philip, hand-painted onto my tanks by Butterfly...
all done with prayers for a new Beginning. 
Alot of love went into this Medicine Wheel...
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Rebuilding of ThunderBear

On the 4th of July in '99, we had a pretty bad crash on the way home
from a run at Twisted Tater's place in Copperas Cove...

Me and my scooter were both in need of a major overhaul. After alot of plastic surgery on my face and surgery to put my right shoulder back together,  it was time to start rebuilding Thunderbear.  She was pretty much totalled.. We were hit from the rear & had to start with a new frame.  Since she's all heart, her motor was still in good's the rebuilding of Thunderbear ...