We talked about everything.  Almost.

This morning I learned that a friend of mine passed away yesterday.

Right now I don't even know how it happened.  But I do know that a friend is gone from my life forever.  That we will never talk again.

My friend and I had a lot of conversations over the past 5 years.

We talked about motorcycles, and websites, and special events, and people we knew and people we didn't.

We talked about the weather, and bikers, and leather jackets and cool new gear.

We talked about politics and terrorism and Presidents and poets.

We talked about business and boneheads.

We talked about bikers who have crashed and motorists who caused crashes.

We talked a lot - my friend was good at that.

But as I sit here this morning and think back on all the things my friend and I talked about I realize that we never talked about anything important 

we never talked about God!

written by ~Larry Gore
on the death of Richard Sanders

3-6-03 We (S&B) sent a message to Larry to make sure he would not mind his letter being here for all of you who stopped by to read it...
he sent this reply :

God laid that on my heart to share with others. Feel free to use it and freely allow others to use it.
If it just stops one person from making the same mistake that I did . . .

ride free...