ride free

 ...somewhere in the Rockies
...ever try negotiatin' the right-of-way
....with a turkey ?
(we mean the one's with feathers)
...had to show ya'l this one... : )
...my 'Born To Be Wild' Mom & Pop ...
   ...taken about 5 minutes after the usual,
   "hey boy !  when you  gonna cut that hair?"
...better luck next time, J.R. !
...ever have this much fun with a mud check'  ?
This Poker Run  turned out instead to be
J.R.'s  "First Annual Mud Wrestling Event"...
an' it kinda looks like J.R. mighta' lost this one... : )
...watchin' the bike games at the Brotherhood of Bikers clubhouse. This was at the benefit for Lee in 2002...
they said 'make yourself ta' home'
...this pic is here to remind me not to
park a chair too close to the bonfire
next time...
guess ya'l can guess the rest
..test ridin to see if it runs better...an' stop smilin' !
...ever see 300 pounds of Biker
  on a Hot Pink mini 4-wheeler?
Riderblues.... happy b'day !
Mel & Sandy - crazy in Canada...  : )
this is Mel & his lady Sandy.. 
my favorite Crazy Canadian..
& a dam good Brother...  ~Suds
6-14-01  here's a funny road story...from RiderBlues in Canada:

A long time ago, 1975 to be exact...
I was crazy (18 yr old pig dog) ... I had a chopped 650 BSA Thunderbolt, 6"overstock tubes, bolt on rigid, peanut gas tank,
ape hangers, etc......You know, one of those machines you needed 40 acres to turn around on... In the area I lived in, on Friday nites after the bars closed, a bunch of us would saddle up and take off for the wknd. Just pick a direction and go. It was late fall and we were into our "Indian Summer"
so we hit the road.Remember I said '75, we kinda dropped some blotter before we left. After about 2 hours of riding Hwy north, we decidedto go backroading. We found a clearing in the forest, parked,
partied for awhile. The fun started
when we decided to head back to the
Hwy. We were starting to peak and no matter which way we turned....  dirt road and bushes. (We were probably going in circles).  In the state we were in, hours seemed like days and the nerves were getting alittle frayed.After a few hrs of Lost...we came out into a clearing and there was a "Big Old Diner" ... You ever see Porky's where the boys see the Bar for the first time????  Same thing.
The parking lot was full of Pickups and  cars, the lights inside were all on.
This is in the middle of the night in bush country. My mind says  'something
strange here'....We parked the sleds and we headed in to this apparition. We were "long-haired, leather bound, peach fuzzed, wild eyed biker trash" stepping into a room full of men in camoflage overalls with shotguns propped up beside tables... "Oh no Captain America, I think we blew it"..... 5 of us and about 30 of them.  The waitress, an "Old Flo"  type, yelled 'close the door boys and grab a seat... you're letting the flies out.'
We ordered coffees and I asked her how
to get back to the main Hwy... Everyone
in the place broke out into wild laughter....
"So, your the boys been tearing up the woods... scarin all the ducks all nite" , grinned Flo..."Well boys, if you would have hung a left  instead of all those rights,
you could have hit the main road anytime you wanted. You haven't been more than 1/4 mile from it all nite."   Red faced and coming down real fast, we slunk back out to the bikes & left the parking lot....
30 ft down the road, hung a left, 100 ft  more we hit the Hwy and headed south.  Don't know if it was the cids or what - but I swore I heard shotgun blasts and rolling laughter all the way back to the city.    -Mel
~Suds & Nikki~
  "... hey man, got a lite? "
my garage assistant & attitude regulator
...at the Temple Harley Drags in '95
...is there such thang as havin'
too much fun ? *if so then this Bro
was definitely breakin the law ...
told us it worked almost every time
~April 2002~
  Crazy Canadian 'Poster Babe'
happy birthday Bro.... !
lock & load...
what to do with an empty
tip bucket ?? use it to prove there really is sucha thang as havin
too much fun ...
How ta tell if you had too much fun ...
..when the cold brew keeps j E st  missin' yer mouth ...
..when ya notice a suspicious lookin' tent...
that keeps followin' ya
..if yer tent door keeps movin' aside when ya
try ta get in
..when ya gotta hold onto the floor of the tent
ta keep from fallin' out ...
(& Pollywog... this next one's for you bro... with love)
..when ya wake up in front of the bandstand 
(all alone at 4am)
   surrounded by them little orange traffic cones
from the bike games ...
: )
If we hadta' explain..  : )