Let those who ride decide !
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equal access
update: died in Senate Committee on 5-21-09
failure to yield
update: modified & incorporated into SB1967
Jan 26, 2009

This page gives an updated
account on what happened
to each bill during the
2009 Legisative Sessions
red updates become law
on 9-1-09
musefree.wordpress.com website
How the Bikers Won Their Freedom
SB329 lane splitting & helmets
update: voted on by Senate, made it out of House Committee on 5-19-09, left pending on 5-21-09
SB488 Vulnerable Road Users
update: vetoed by Gov. Perry on 6-19-09
HB827 Vulnerable Road Users (companion bill)
update: out of House Committee on 4-14-09,
never voted on by House
Pics (S&B)
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This pic shows the Texas Confederation of Clubs with Texas Defenders from all over the state, marching on the Capitol on Legislative Day Jan 26, '09
-photo by Butterfly, State Safety & Awareness Liaison
SB298 Sobriety Checkpoints
HB169 Sobriety Checkpoints (companion bill)
another name for roadblock bill that means
a warrantless vehicle search
update: both passed Senate, died in House
HR159 Resolution
Recognizing Texas bikers on the occasion of their Legislative Day at the State Capitol on January 26, 2009.
subject: Resolutions--Congratulatory & Honorary (I0705)
SB418 Criminal Database
update: Passed, becomes law
on 9-1-09
Pics (Patriots MC )
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to view more bills & updates that concern
Texas motorcyclists...
relating to the safe operation
of motorcycles & other vehicles in
Texas; providing penalties
update: Passed, becomes law on 9-1-09
Thousands of Motorcyclists from across Texas attended Legislative Day on Jan 26, 2009
on Amigos MC website...
Texas COC 2005 Legislative Day
outstanding video for anyone not
sure what Legislation Day
is all about
find your
who represents me ?