Legislative Day was Jan 22, 2007

message from Sputnik
Chairman of Texas Motorcycle Rights Assoc.
Date: 1/18/2007
From: chairman@tmra2.org

I have attached the talking points for three Bills to give you an opportunity to get familiar with them.

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re: No Helmet warnings/tickets
Date: 1/16/2007
From: chairman@tmra2.org

If you have received a ticket as the result of a
helmet stop this past year, including a warning
ticket, please contact TMRA2    -Sputnik     

Good News (Insurance Problem)
Date: 1/19/2007
From: chairman@tmra2.org

I found our vehicle for the Insurance problem.
HB 634 by Rep Craig Eiland has the following article of coverage in it. He is from Galveston and a very good friend. He was my Rep. for six years prior to redistricting and we still work very well together. I will speak to him and if this Bill goes anywhere get him to add us on it in an Amendment.
a)  A health benefit plan may not exclude coverage for any emergency or other medical, hospital, or surgical expenses incurred by an insured as a result of and related to an injury acquired while the insured is intoxicated or under the influence of any narcotic, regardless of whether
the intoxicant or narcotic is administered on the advice of a health care practitioner.
THe Poker Run BIll is HB 653 by Rep. Da'Lady Chavez.    -Sputnik

message from BIG KID
State Liaison, Texas Confederation Of Clubs
From: texascoc@coctexas.org

You can read HR 88 (below) honoring the bikers on Legislative Day 2007.
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this event successful.   -Sputnik
Resolution by Chavez H.R. No. 88 -this is great.... 
Rep. Norma Chavez
WHEREAS, Bikers from across Texas are gathering for their Legislative Day at the State Capitol on Monday, January 22, 2007; and
WHEREAS, Assembling for the occasion are members of a myriad of local clubs and such statewide groups as the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association II, Texas ABATE Confederation and Texas Confederation of Clubs; during the 79th Texas Legislature, an estimated 5,000 bikers took part in this biennial event; and
WHEREAS, Laced with more than 200,000 miles of highways and park, county, and farm-to-market roads, the Lone Star State offers bikers ample room to roam, and the Texas motorcycle fraternity includes members from every corner of the land; and
WHEREAS, Elected and appointed officials such as Governor Rick Perry, Senator Kel Seliger, Representatives
Fred Brown, Norma Chavez, Chuck Hopson and Borris Miles, and Commissioner of Education Shirley J. Neeley are motorcycle enthusiasts; and
WHEREAS, Texas bikers contribute significantly to their communities, organizing riding events for the enjoyment of the entire family and for the support of a wide range of charitable causes; and
WHEREAS, Together with their readiness to lend a helping hand, motorcycle enthusiasts embody the spirit of adventure, love of the outdoors, and passion for freedom that have long been associated with the Texan character; through their attention to the legislative process, those who have gathered in Austin this week are also demonstrating an admirable example of civic engagement; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 80th Texas Legislature welcomes all those motorcyclists participating in Legislative Day at the State Capitol and extends to them sincere best wishes for an enjoyable and memorable visit.

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by Sputnik                                                 
State Chairman, TMRA2
Legislative Day was not as good as it should have been on Monday. Many of those who did show up didn't stay long enough to hear the Resolution read on the House Floor by Rep. Norma Da'Lady
Chavez praising bikers as the defenders of the constitution and the right of the people to be heard. Reps. Chuck Hopson and Borris Miles were Co-Authors.
TMRA2 did do well Sunday afternoon raising money from the Auction, 50/50, membership, donations and t-shirt sales.  I am pleased to announce we made close to 4,000 and thank everyone who helped out, donating items, providing the jello shots, who brought in speakers, and who volunteered! You know who you are. We could not have done it without you.
We walked and talked from shortly after 7:00am until after 4:00pm telling the new legislators they were welcome to our House, only as long as they served the people and not the corporations. Our
government has been for sale long enough. We told them that when being re-elected became their top priority we would have to take them out of our House and find someone to replace them. Most of them
appeared to take us seriously. We have two more members in the House. Rep. Terri Hodge and Rep. Borris Miles.  Dee, Robert of ABATE and I met with Senator Armbrister who is now a Legislative assistant to the governor. Equal Access and the Helmet Bill were the Bills we were most concerned
with how the governor would treat them. Senator Armbrister carried both these Bills for us when he was a Senator so he was quite familiar with their history.
He said he would speak with the governor on our behalf. Da'Lady, Mando and I met with Speaker Craddick concerning our Transportation Bills. After explaining the Bills we also pointed out that we could not get fair treatment from Chairman Krusee. He said that is no way to run an office and I will speak with Mr. Krusee. After a long day we finally got back to the hotel and saw bikers on all the news channels on the TV. It was very good coverage. We watched "The Trailer Park Show" on channel 17 and Pokey gave us very good exposure during his show. He also praised our TV show as being the best show on TV. Tuesday Dee, Jenifer, Jerry and I went back and made the rounds again. I stopped in and spoke to Jim Pitts for a short time, just long enough to make an appointment with him for Monday morning. He asked if we were running the helmet Bill again to remove the insurance clause and I told him yes. He said I should talk to Senator Wentworth about it. I told him we had tried to talk to him about it but he wouldn't talk to us.
Jim said he talked to me and he said he hopes you do try to take that amendment off because then he will raise the amendment to $100,000 insurance. Guess we know where we stand on that. We spent a good deal of time discussing our options and decided "dam the torpedo's, full speed ahead." If we can't get enough support to stop Wentworth then let's pay the price and put them back on.
Did get some good news though. The Equal Access Bill by Rep. Senfronia Thompson is HB 706. Pass the word around to all the riders it is time to start writing those letters. Ask that they pull up HB 706 and have the Representative look at it and read the position paper on it. Ask that they respond to you whether or not they will support the Bill.
Then get in touch with the office and let us know where they stand on the Bill.

by Greg Bodovsky
District 22 Advisor, TMRA2
From: hdrider@ixpres.com
It was a HUGE Success!!!  If you were there, I'm sure you'll never forget it.  We were recognized from the floor in a Resolution by Representative Norma "Da Lady" Chavez, in her Leather, along with (after an Ammendment) Sponsorship by the ENTIRE House!!!  Senate District 22 was well represented too.  ALL of the SD 22 Chapters were had Warriors present, both at the Sunday meeting, and Monday at the Capitol.  Sputnik personally assigned Smiley (Asst Coordinator - Lake Granbury Liberty Riders) to guide people to their Representative and Senator's offices.  When he made the assignment, she said, "...but I don't have a Yellow Ribbon...".  To which Sputnik replyed, "...You don't need a ribbon; You're Smiley!...".  Her and Momma (thank you Momma) walked up and down the Halls of the State Capitol, and into the offices, introducing people to their employees ALL day.  She had an emergency at home, but she held off until she helped fill the gallery with every available biker we could find.  We packed that place and made it ROAR!!!  Several Standing ovations from the floor, and many fine statements.  We'll have to hold them to those gracious words, and work WITH them to produce legislation that we need.
Rep Da Lady had a big cake (with Harley's on it) and personally invited several of the SD 22 Warriors to follow her to her office for some, and we did!  My daughter still has blue fingers from the part of the icing, and we all had blue teeth and lips for awhile, but it was gooooood!  I'll upload pics to the Legislative Day website asap.  Special thanks to Sandy Duckett for helping my daughter Laena watch me.  ;-)   Representative Terri Hodge had some questions for Laena too, but she evaded them. :-D
Nobody from East Texas called today and said he's been swamped with calls about Legislative Day.  They got TV coverage today, and said it all looked good.  I didn't notice anything here, but if anyone did, let me know.
For everyone whether you made it or not, we'll need to be able to go back during Committee Hearings on our Bills that are making their way thru the system. 
Ride Safe and Free (while U steelcan)

Greg Bodovsky
Senate District 22 Advisor
Texas Motorcycle Rights Association

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