this circle of brotherhood has no beginning ... and no end ...

this awesome pic was taken by Bill Paxton of TMRA
lookin' for a Biker friendly Church ?
this page is for you ~ with love
locations are in orange so look for one near you...
got this at a Swap Meet at the Longhorn Ballroom in Oct 2002

...if Jesus were
on this earth
in the flesh
he'd be right next to you
on his Harley, telling you
that he loves you...

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special message from Ned Chipley, Chaplain ~ Pineywoods Peacemakers (CMA)
in Nacogdoches. Larry Gore is the man who runs and His friend, Richard  Sanders, former Director of a HOG chapter in Houston, was killed in a motorcycle wreck in Feb of 2003. Larry wrote this soon after he heard about Richard's death, and he sent it to
me in response to my note, and gave me permission to use it any way I want to. Friend, read it carefully. This is why what we do in CMA is so important. The next time we get into a conversation with a friend, let's think about Larry's letter.    -Ned
the reason behind this page ?
... alot of folks have been askin, "do ya'l know of a Biker friendly church somewhere?" 
The brothers who did the askin were all feelin the need to be closer to God & to be among other brothers who would understand why.
They'd either just buried friends & got to thinkin about their lifestyles or gone thru a difficult time that made them realize a need.
If all they need is an address, directions, or maybe just a friendly invite.. then we want them to have that.
This page is for those brothers & sisters .. with love  ~S&B
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This page was last updated: June 8, 2018
Will the road you're on get you to my place ?   --God
Click here to read the famous God''s signs... these are still on billboards
  in some areas across the states... watch cause the message changes every 15 seconds
when God seems far away, guess who moved...
12/6/10 (last updated 8-31-17)   Heritage Baptist Church
5100 Parliament Dr, Arlington, TX+
just a mile or two south of I-20 on Green Oaks Blvd.
Bikers Welcome. Come as you are and join in on the fun. 

Pastor George Newcomb
                                                   2/17/04 (last updated 8/31/17)
                                                   Church In The Wind - 1001 Austin St.,  Midland,TX 
                                                   Service time 10:30am Sunday and 7:00pm Wednesday                                                                                                       Pastor Terry Ohlmann                                                                                                                                                      432-556-2062  *All bikes welcome.
                                                   Come early for some coffee and donuts every Sunday morning.
12/7/10 (last updated 8/31/17)  Tate Springs Baptist Church,  a Bikers for Christ affiliated church
in Arlington, TX A solid Christian presence in Arlington since 1882, we are a
Bible-believing church who welcomes all who want to know God and know
more about God.  Sunday small group sessions at 9:15, Sunday morning
worship at 10:30, and Sunday evening worship at 6:00. 

Contact BFC Pancho for schedules and more information. 
4201 Little Road in Arlington. 
Exit I-20 at Green Oaks/Little Road (#445). 
0.4 mile north at the intersection of Little Road & Pleasant Ridge.
                                                                     Bikers for Christ
1/25/07  (last updated 9-1-17)  I"m pleased to extend an open invitation on
behalf of Pastor David Booker of Acts Christian Fellowship to any riders
living in or visiting the Waco area to attend services and worship with us.
Services are from 11:00 12:30 p.m. Sundays. 
Located at 13th and Mary st. in Waco, Texas.   Phone 254-759-1800 
Come as you are, all those seeking the Lord are welcome. -posted by Pablo
                                                         12-7-10 (last updated 8-31-17) Sword of the Spirit church, 2317 Hartwick,
                                                         Houston,TX. We have a M/M called Ambassadors for Jesus Christ                                                                 based on 2 Corinthians 5:20 . Our members are very special people we have                                                             different denominations but we serve the same Awesome God that came                                                                 into our lives and changed us ,your more than welcome  to look for us, we                                                                would love to meet new bikers . We love to Praise and Worship God, and                                                                  minister to all bikers and colors  So come on,  & God Bless you.  
2/15/09 (last updated 8/31/17)  Brothers Keeper Church is a place that you can worship Jesus Christ wherever you are in your walk, its truly come as you are. Brothers Keeper is a non-denominational church that encourages you to enjoy worshiping the Lord, whether sitting in your chair or standing and raising your hands. Brothers Keeper is home to Brothers Keeper MM and loves its Bikers. Brothers Keeper has all walks of life and isn't just a biker church but is a great place for the whole family. Church service starts at 11:15am on Sunday and 7:15 on Wed. We are in Lufkin Tx.

Check out the website for directions
or call Scott at 936-634-8404 for more info
Thanks, Scott Wilcox, Brothers Keeper MM

8/25/09 (last updated 8/31/17) Hilltop Church is a Biker Friendly Church.  Pastor Dale Huff is a member of the Circuit Riders Motorcycle Ministry, Fort Worth Chapter.  We welcome all who would like to hear the word of God and serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Bring your bike and come to a church where leather, T-shirts, skullcaps, bandanas and jeans are Church clothes.  A comfortable environment filled with the spirit where worshiping the Lord is friendly and enjoyable.  Located at:4909 Rendon Road, Fort Worth Texas, TX 
Look forward to seeing you on Sunday at 10am for fellowship. 
10:30am for service.  Sunday school held at 9:00am.   See you at Hilltop.... 
Pastor:  Dale Huff   817-692-1617
Fort Worth CRMM Chapter President:
William “Wild Bill” Henneberger   916-212-9285     
11/2/09 (last updated 9/1/17)  Fundamental Baptist Church in Palmer TX.   Phone: 972/523-9177
is about 20 miles south of Dallas just off interstate I-45. Pastor Gary Miller, his wife
Neva and 10 or more couples in the church ride motorcycles. We do Friday night supper
rides or Saturday lunch rides about once a month. Throughout the year we do overnight
rides and even a men’s trip once a year.
Church services are: Sunday School starts at 9:45 AM with morning services starting
at 10:45 AM. Sunday night services start at 6:30 PM and Wednesday night at 7:00 PM.
                                                   2/25/10 (last updated 8/31/17)  I just want to send out an open invitation to
                                                   all that may find themselves  roaming the roads near Gatesville, TX   
                                                  (1608 W Main St) The Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church is made up of bikers of                                                          people that love bikers so come visit us sometime!  Service times are Sunday                                                           11AM & Wednesday at 630PM
                                                   In His Service,
                                                   Pastor Monty Van Horn
3/26/10   (last updated 8/31/17) White Horse Revival Church is located at 5711 Cove Rd. (S.FM 565) in Cove TX.
Made up of people and not a building, we offer outdoor church for folks who would like to worship God in a more natural and relaxed environment. We welcome the presence of the Lord with people from all walks of life.
Our pastor is Uncle Dave Lancon . You can reach him on his cell at 281-573-9166.
We now have a Beautiful white tent that we do services under.
Sunday School begins at 9:30am.  Church service begins at 10:30am
In our Ministry we have vision of Unity with all Christian
M/M groups. We are all God's children and we worship
Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.                         
God Bless   -Allen Moon
12/7/10  (updated 8/31/17) Rushing Wind Fellowship invites you
to join them in praise and celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ each
Sunday morning @ 10  at 1401 N. Wheeler in Victoria, TX
Bible Study Wed @ 7 pm, Men's Gathering Thurs @ 7 pm
Leathers and tees, casual dress welcome. A Biker friendly church.
Christ Centered and Religion Free

For information or prayer requests contact:
Bro. Mike   @ 361-212-9374
Coffee is always hot and strong

12-7-10 (last updated 9/1/17)  My name is Bob "Cannonball" Shriber.
I ride and I attend the Cowboy Church at.I45 South & Alma., Ennis Tx.  
Pastor Michael Howard.  We have services at 10:30a.m. Sunday morning.
Please feel free to contact me for further info.
God bless ya'll.   Y.B.I.C. Bob "Cannonball" Shriber / 817-907-3370.
Playing For Change: Song Around the World "Stand By Me"

instead of telling God how big your storm is... try  telling your storm how big God is
6/26/12 (last updated 8/25/17)  Open Road Biker Church,  8420 N. I-35 in Georgetown, TX

                                       Sunday Services
                                Early     9:30 - 10:30 am
                                Coffee 10:30 - 11:00 am
                                Late     11:00 - 12:15 pm

Pastor Butch Horton - Call or Text Pastor Butch 512-966-8817 Anytime.
2/18/10  (last updated 8/31/17)  Victory Fellowship Church is located at 518 Davis St in Grand Prairie.
The pastor Ricky Allen, his wife Joan and a handful more of the congregation are members of the
International Road Riders for Jesus M/M.
Everyone is welcome to come as they are. Call Pastor Allen for info @ 972) 816-1812
Sunday services are at 10:45 am and 6 pm. Wednesday services are at 7:15 pm.
The first Thursday of every month at 7 pm they have a biker night called
"Jamb for the Lamb" with an open mike. Anyone is welcome to come out and sing,
give testimony, ask for prayer, etc. Snacks are served and sometimes dinner.
8/15/17 Cornerstone Baptist Church  2242 Lucas Rd.,  Lucas Tx.
We would like to invite all bikers to come and worship with us. Cornerstone is a Biker
Friendly Church, wear your jeans, cut, skull caps, bandanas, hats we welcome all just the
way you are. Our church member are a loving bunch of people that just want to love on
you and hug your neck. We have lots of ministries & fellowship, a mothers day out
program. take a look at our web page and see
what all we offer God Bless.

Sun. School  9:15
Sun. Service 10:30 & 6:30
Wed Service 7:00
10/2/11 (updated 8/25/17)  Brotherhood Biker Church , 14102 Orion Dr in Tomball, TX

We are called to Reach Up, Reach Out, Reach In & Love People To Life
We commit to allow God to Make New; Make Real; Make Great!
This is a come as you are service. All patchholders welcome.

Pastor Richard Gordon aka Padre will be preaching.

9/12/15  (updated 8/30/17)  No Turning Back Prison Ministry in  Venus, TX

We meet every Monday night from 6:00p-8:00p. 
The address is 106 W Second St, Venus, TX 76084
Contact Pastor Jimmy Humphus @ 817-266-5499
Are you going through something?  Need someone to
lean on?  Trying to find what God has called you to do? 
Have a loved one in prison?  Just got out of prison? 
Just need something different?  Come check us out.
5/25/17   Bonham Biker Church located in Bonham, Tx.
We are at 1515 Old Ector Rd in Bonham.
Services are at 7pm on Thursday nights beginning in March 2017

In service to the Risen King,

posted by
Andrew "Jester" Ingram
Demon Hunters MC
Vice President

4/13/12 (last updated 8/31/17)  Mercy Church Motorcycle Ministires
3450 S Clack St., Abilene, TX,     call: 325-864-8042

Mercy church motorcycle ministries is a church by bikers for bikers,
or people who love them. We are a church for people who are not
comfortable in a more mainstream setting. Come as you are, and let
Jesus do the rest. Come & experience the difference that Jesus makes.

8/31/17  Freedom Road Biker Church in Nolanville TX.  
  Pastor Jimmy Van Loozen 
    Phone: 512-595-1886

You can expect to be welcomed with open arms!
God doesn’t care what you wear or where you have been.
He just wants you to come hang out with Him, and so do we!
11/9/17   U.B.O.C. Church , 3334 W. Hwy 114 in Paradise, TX
We are a Full Gospel Non Denominational Biker Friendly Church. 
Where Bikers, Cowboys, Misfits, Un-Churched, Church Hurt, Broken &
Discouraged are welcomed and treated like family.  We love people right
where they are.  You will find our Church is not a "Churchy Church" but a
place where the Bible is Preached and the Power of God transforms lives.
Join us on Sundays at 10:30a.m.
Wednesday Youth Services at 6pm
Thursday Night Thunder at 7pm
Find us on facebook @ UBOC Unified Body of Christ
or Call 817-980-1981
Pastor Jeff Honeycutt